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Ruby Jane

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​I've been to two of this company's sales, and both were clean, organized and well priced, and by "well priced" I mean fair. The prices were not exorbitant, but they were researched and fair. Tidiness counts in an estate sale, and both times I visited their sales, things were displayed in an appealing way, easy to access and tidy. 
In addition, the two ladies I chatted with were friendly and helpful. We chatted a bit about the history of the home because that always fascinates me and they were engaging and didn't brush me off. They seemed genuine and sincere. 
Anyhow, if you are in the neighborhood of one of their estate sales and are interested in buying some treasures at fair and decent prices, check out this small company.​

I had to have an estate sale at my house, as I had bought it from a family member and it was full of their contents in the garage and several of the bedrooms.  I wasn't able to fully use my entire house until I could remove all the old items.  At first I thought of throwing them all away but after meeting with them - it was decided that we should try to have a small estate sale.  I was nervous because some of my things were in the house - but they locked them all away and sold everything I didn't want.  It went great.  Not only did I NOT have to lug anything away myself - I even made some money.  Actually, I lot more money then I ever thought I could get.  Kristin and Brooke treated me like a friend and made me feel good about the whole process.  I was surprised at how quickly they were able to organize everything and then host the sale.  They came to check on me after the sale and helped me put my things back in their place.  As promised, the check was given to me within the three days.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone.  They are honest, nice, professional and it was a great sale.  Many thanks to them and I wish them all the best.

​We live in Northern California and after my father-in-law in Long Beach passed, we knew we needed to do an estate sale.  But we were worried about the distance involved.  We interviewed three companies but Ruby Jane impressed us.  It was a wise decision: Brooke and Kristin are conscientious, diligent, and willing to work with you.  They do a great job, do their research, widely publicize the sale, and price fairly.  We would wholeheartedly recommend using them.

This is a long overdue review for the miracle workers at Ruby Jane Estate Sales. My mom was a hoarder and crammed an immense amount of stuff into a 1400sf house; valuable goods mixed in with junk all over the place. She lived in the house for over 50 years, and just kept cramming more and more stuff. (Kristin and Brooke actually had to postpone our sale date three times because they just kept finding more stuff hidden in the house that they had to sort through!) 

Both Kristin and Brooke took direction with care, detail-orientation and empathy, and produced an incredibly organized sale that was flawlessly executed. In addition to the actual sale, they also cleared out an entire Dumpster full of straight-up-junk, donated over 40 garbage bags full of usable-but-not-sellable linens and clothes to Goodwill, and supported other local charities with strategically planned donations that honored my mom's memory. And they found worthy buyers for some heirloom / vintage pieces. In the "actual miracle-worker" category: one of the special things I asked them to find was my mom's engagement ring, which she hadn't worn in over a decade. They found it in a pillbox in a plastic bag filled with prescription drug bottles that was labeled "old medicines." MIRACLE. WORKERS. That tells you the level of detail they put into examining and sorting all my mom's stuff.

In short, if your parent(s) had a ton of stuff and you feel like you're drowning just thinking about how to deal, these folks know how to navigate that jungle and deliver to you (1) an empty house and (2) a focused pile of things you actually care about. I would give them 10 stars if I could. Thank you so much, Kristin and Brooke!

Our Customer Reviews

Ruby Jane was more responsive and faster than any of the other companies we interviewed. They take a percentage of the gross, 35%. They aren't associated with any store or other entity to which they would give preferences; their sale was unbiased. Some others we interviewed wanted $1500 and a percentage of the gross and said it would take more than a month. They inventoried, priced, and staged the house and garage. They appeared to do research for prices on the pricier items. They provided all the advertising. Hiring them relieved us of the work, we did nothing after they were hired and when they were finished, the house was cleaned out. Items that didn't sell were donated to charities of our choice.

​I have gone to many estate sales, and have to say the estate sales performed by Ruby Jane Estate Sales are at the top of the list, of my choice for a sale to attend . They are professional, knowledgeable, kind to all, and the sales have a warm welcoming atmosphere.  They are a pleasure to deal with.

​They did a great job with my father's estate. They were very professional and friendly throughout. Their staging for the sale was beautiful and the house was empty and clean when they were done. Their estimate for the sale, which we were very happy with, was right on the money. Highly recommended!​