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What you can expect from us:
  • We evaluate each sale to determine the best and most cost effective choice for you.  This evaluation is completely free, our goal is to ensure you are fully educated on your options and feel comfortable with your decision.
  • Preparing your sale:  Furniture will be polished and organized, household items will be cleaned and displayed, all trash will be removed off-site, research will be conducted on such items as collectibles, artwork and antiques and jewelry will be kept in display cases.   Items will be priced at fair market value.
  • Advertising: We take detailed photos and include a full description of your items for our website along with other venues such as Facebook, Instagram, Estatesales.net, and email list.  We also contact our list of store owners and resellers. Street signs are posted, directing people to your sale.
  • After your sale:  Any remaining contents will be disposed of as outlined in the contract.  Many times, these items are donated to local organizations or charities. Donation slips will be provided.  We leave the house completely cleared out and ready for market or move-in.

Estate Sales: 
  • An estate sale is a sale of the entire contents of the home, the yard and the garage.  We sell everything, from household cleaners to clothing to tools.  Please, do not throw anything out as these are all items that contribute to your sale. 
  • Partial estate sales may consist of just the garage, storage units or small apartment. 
  • Public estate sales are open to all customers, advertising for these sales can be found on social websites such as Estatesales.net, Craigslist, Facebook and street signs are put in key locations directing the public to the sale. 
  • Private estate sales  generally are held in the home and are invite only.  Invitee's usually consist of store owners, auction houses and resellers.

Moving Sales/Downsizing:

  • These sales are smaller is size and are usually one day sales.  They are treated as an estate sale with the knowledge they tend to bring in a lower profit to the owner.


  • Also known as buy-outs, this type of service is often the best option for clients who are in need of a quick estate settlement or when the contents of the house cannot support a partial sale.  Payment is made in cash and arraignments are made for the removal of contents.


  • This type of service usually involves abandoned property or areas surrounding the property that houses a large amount of trash.  We will come out and review the situation and give you a fair estimate for cost of removal.  Any items we deem sellable, we will list for sale in an effort to offset your removal cost.

Pack and Moves:

  • The hardest part about moving is packing and moving all your items.  Let our staff help you with this process.  We bring our own supplies, organize, pack and inventory your items which will alleviate one of the biggest stressors for your relocation. Larger items such as appliances, artwork and furniture will be handled directly with the movers.  If your move is local, we can also assist you in unpacking and organizing your new home.

Vehicle sales:

  • We have sold many vehicles over the years including Cars, Trucks, Motorhomes/ trailers and Motorcycles. With this service, we will research the value of the vehicle and price according to the condition, miles and age. 

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